Running With A Passion!


Memory Lane

Slow and Steady wins the race. Way to go track team! (Photo credit Memory Lane)

Cecelia Gatta, Staff Writer

NMS is kicking off the spring season with track! This team has built up their speed and stamina in preparation for their meets. One of their most successful meets was the Girard Invitational. Many athletes preformed very well here, with 1st place 100 meter dash winner Madison Nickels, 1st place 200 meter dash winner Germaine Dean, 1st place in throwing Katie Zook with 60 feet, and lastly our girls 4×1 team coming in 1st place with a new record of 55.1 seconds! Not only have many of our athletes preformed well at the Girard Invitational, these track stars have preformed well at other meets. At the Lakeview Quad Meet, both girls 4×2 and 4×1 teams achieved first place, Katie Zook received second place in throwing 64 feet, and Kherington Stanford won first place in the 200 meter dash. With events from sprints, distances, throwing, and discuss; these kids have really showed a love for this sport!