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  • Award winner Catherine Bosley will visit NMS to speak to our students Thursday, May 16.
  • Seventh grade math testing begins Tuesday, April 30 and ends Wednesday, May 1
  • The WEB picnic will be held on Tuesday, May 21st at Waddell Park in Niles.
  • NMS Choir Concert will be held on Tuesday May 14th 2024. Sixth Grade is at 6:00 p.m and Seventh and Eighth Grade is at 7:30 p.m.
  • The Staff and Students will have an annual Walk for Cure day on Monday, May 20th.
  • The McKinley Memorial Library will visit NMS during lunch periods on Thursday May 16th.
  • Seventh and Eighth Grade Band Concert Will be on Tuesday May, 9th 2024 at 7:30 p.m at NMS gymnasium.
  • The Sixth Grade Band Concert will be held on Tuesday May 9th 2024 at 6:00 p.m at NMS gymnasium.
  • Teacher Appreciation Week is May 6th- May 10th 2024!
  • Sports banquet is May 21st.
The Student News Site of Niles Middle School


The Student News Site of Niles Middle School



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Goodbye Eighth Grade
Melissa Ciminero, Editor • May 30, 2023

A Rough; But Fun Learning Journey!

 Coach Keatley and Coach Arvin’s final volleyball season, OVER? WHAT?? This cannot be!  Coach Keatley and Coach Arvin were awesome coaches; teaching the girls everything they need to know and MORE in 7th and 8th grade volleyball. Coach Keatley and Arvin always pushed their players the hardest they could and always wanted success for them.

Coach Keatley and Coach Arvin sitting and coaching from the sidelines (Mrs. Ciminero)
The volleyball girls are extra focused to get ball back over the net! (Mrs. Ciminero)

    One of the best aspects of playing for these coaches was that they gave great advice. Some advice that Keeley Sprague received from the coaches was to “practice how you play.” Now this may be simple, but it is very true because if you are not  trying your hardest, you are not going to play well. The best advice that Leah Haydu had received  was, “The hardest person you’re going to face is yourself, so go easy on yourself.” That advice can help players who get frustrated with themselves so easily over a mistake. Another player commented,

“Make sure to have fun while playing, because if you aren’t, why play?”

— Volleyball player, A'liyah Harris

That should apply to every athlete, no matter what sport you play. A sport could be very hard to play if you don’t like playing it deep down. The best advice that Danielle Kelson received from Coach Keatley and Arvin was, “When you are serving, have high contact with the ball and hit it hard.” This may seem like it only applies to volleyball players, and yes that is true, but it is so important to be a successful member of a team.    

Many girls had some hard goals to reach this year! Let’s see what they are. Aliyah Harris said, “My goal for this season was to get my overhand serve over. I got it over many times, although I didn’t do it in game. Keeley Sprague’s goal to achieve was, “My goal was also to get my overhand, which I kind of achieved because I had it at the beginning, but lost it mid-season.” Danielle’s goal to achieve this season was, “To be able to jump serve, and I didn’t achieve it, yet.” Leah Haydu’s goal of the season was, “…to get better than I was last year, and I achieved that goal!” Good job girls. Keep working hard and reaching your goals!

Now that you all got a little snapshot of goals and advice, I would like to give you a bigger snapshot of what the season was actually like: 

All smiles from the bench! (Mrs. Muccio)

Though this season didn’t really go the way anyone wanted, I think everyone should be proud of how hard our girls played. The seventh graders only won one game, while the eighth graders didn’t win any. The girls had many games back and forth, and gave every game their all. Yes, when it comes down to it, everyone wants to win. This season, we just didn’t work together as a team as much as we needed to, and we didn’t improve our skills much towards the end. Next year is going to be different; I can feel it! People always supported our team no matter what, if we were winning, losing or even tying. The fans cheered as we scored and they were so proud when we won! I can’t explain how much I loved playing with these girls. I wish the season wasn’t over yet, because I had SO much fun playing. Let’s win more next year girls!

Alyena Cunningham getting ready to bump the ball! (Mrs. Ciminero)

   Here is a big thanks to everyone who helped out. First, Leah Haydu’s mother, Toni Haydu. Toni helped out with the concession stands a lot, and helped with making goodie-bags for the eighth grade recognition.  I also want to give thanks to Corinne Scott’s mother. Her mom did the score sheets for every single game. Another big thanks goes to Mrs. Ciminero and Mrs. Muccio. They took great pictures of the girls playing, and went through HUNDREDS of photos. They went out of their way and took these without being asked. Another big thanks to Kadance Volk’s mom and grandma. They also made goodie-bags for the last game of the season and for the tournament game. Also, they brought drinks for the eighth grade recognition, even though they weren’t asked.  And finally a BIG thanks to everyone who helped out, even if you weren’t mentioned!

As a co-writer with McKenna Sprague I wanted to talk about my observations as not a teammate but an observer.

     This team shows a passion to work hard and try hard. There were times I’d be at the games just cheering so hard because they strive to win. These seventh and eighth grade players work so hard! I loved watching them and it got me thinking about how next season will be without their favorite coaches. Even though they will help, they aren’t going to be head coaches. Do you think we will be able to get better? I think we will have a great volleyball team, still shine and be the best we can be. I just wanted to say that some of these girls played while they were tired, right after school, after long bus rides, or even not feeling well, but these girls still showed their energy.


The girls having fun pre-game! (Mrs. Muccio)

   Though they didn’t win every game, I am still proud of them. I went to all of the home games to support my friends and just have fun. If we lost I was there to make my friends happier in the end. Words cannot explain how proud I am that those girls put their best foot forward. You can tell how hard they trained and how much dedication they put in just by watching them warm up. They SHINE on that court. No matter who, when or where, they always worked as hard as they could. Watching these girls work as a team makes me pumped up enough! They show their spirit no matter what, and always have good sportsmanship. Next year girls prove yourselves on the court, and keep playing hard!