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  • NMS Droid Dragons Robotics Team at the December 9th NEOFRA Regional Qualifier Tournament.
  • The NMS Seventh and Eighth Grade Choir will Carol in the City on December 15th.
  • The Seventh and Eighth Grade Band Concert on December 12th.
  • Second Nine Weeks Interim Grades Come out December 8th.
  • The NMS Choir Concert will be held on December 5th in the Cafetorium.
  • NMS Scholastic Book Fair from December 5th through December 8th.
  • Christmas Break starts December 21st-January 3rd
  • The first boys basketball game will be held at Liberty on November 29.
The Student News Site of Niles Middle School


The Student News Site of Niles Middle School


I am Thankful For...
I am Thankful For...
November 28, 2023

What's your Favorite Christmas Cookie?


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Goodbye Eighth Grade
Melissa Ciminero, Editor • May 30, 2023

Pink Together, Strong forever

Photo credit Sophia Guerra via Canva


“Pink Together, Strong Forever” is the slogan for 2023  Breast Cancer Awareness  Month.

When you think of October, you probably think of falling leaves, apple cider, and fall festivities, and ….breast cancer? Probably not, but many, many women do as well as their families. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. For 38 years, October has been known as breast cancer awareness month. You’re probably wondering why October is breast cancer awareness month?  As reported by Brevard Health Alliance say’s in October of 1985 the first organized movement to bring attention to the dangers of breast cancer occurred in the US. Since 1995, the awareness and prevention has grown substantially, and it seems everyone wants to help and get involved. 


When people think of breast cancer you think of pink ribbon? According to, the pink ribbon was established by Charlotte Haley who had fought breast cancer. Haley chose pink as a color that resembles soothing, comforting and healing. Sport leagues such as the NFL promote breast cancer awareness and hold fundraisers to support research and patient support. In  2009, The American Cancer Society asked the NFL to create the Crucial Catch. The NFL’s Crucial Catch mission is to fight cancer and catch it early and risk reduction. 


While most people dislike the thought of AI and think they are threatening, AI could be saving someone’s life as we speak. According to the New York  Times, recently doctors have been using AI to catch cancerous growth by its shape, growth, density, location, and other factors. AI also has the ability to look at each image more in depth than the human eye. The AI as well compares the baseline to find abnormalities in each mammogram. 


Breast cancer facts: 


  • According to The American Cancer Society’s About 297,790 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed in women.
  •  According to The American Cancer Society About  43,700 women will die from breast cancer.
  • As mentioned by the CDC Breast cancer is most often found in women, but men can get breast cancer too. About 1 out of every 100 breast cancers diagnosed in the United States is found in a man. 
  • Breast cancer has been called the “nun’s disease” because of the high number of nuns affected and the fact that they are not reproductive.

 All women should be doing their self checks and seeing their doctors. Just because you don’t have the symptoms of breast cancer,  doesn’t mean you won’t be diagnosed with the disease. The dangers of breast cancer need to be heard and with the involvement of just everyone in this country, we are on way to finding a cure! Never give up hope!