There’s a Doctor in the House!



Congratulations Dr. Marsh. Photo Courtesy: Grace Guarnieri

Grace Guarnieri, Staff Writer

Believe it or not Niles Middle School has a doctor in the house. Our assistant principal Dr. Marsh earned her doctorate degree. We wanted to interview her for attaining this prestigious degree. We can’t wait to see what Dr. Marsh does with this degree and we are all very proud of her!

Why did you decide to get your doctorate?

I wanted to explore more about education and achieve the highest attainable Degree. 


How long did it take to get this degree?

It took eight years but it wasn’t consecutive.


What was the most difficult part about it? 

The time it took to work on it and late nights I stayed up. 


Do you have any other future career aspirations, or would you like to stay here? 

I’m staying at the middle school, but I’m going back to school to get my superintendent license. 


Who or what kept you motivated to achieve this? 

My biggest supporters were my family. 


What made it difficult handling a job, classes, and having kids?

Time management. The only time I really could work on my corse work was after my kids went to sleep. 


During the process of getting your degree did you learn anything new?

I learned many aspects of curriculum and instruction.