Sidelined..for awhile


Sophia Guerra, Staff writer

The day after Taylor’s  soccer game she came into school with a boot and crutches. When she walked into school everyone was like “OMG! What happened”? So we decided to ask one of our own some questions.


What’s the worst part about spraining your foot?

Not being able to do sports and be active.


How does it feel doing really good in one sport and then giving it up for another? 

It was really upsetting because I was doing really well in track and then when I transferred over to soccer I got hurt and it was all hard to take in.


What part of your foot did you sprain?

I sprained my left foot and I tore a ligament in it as well.


How long are you out for?

2-3 weeks


 How did you sprain your foot? 

I was playing a soccer game and I went to kick the ball but the opposing team’s player was in the way and she kicked my foot and bent it back. 


Are you worried about any long – term setbacks?

Yes, I’m worried it may affect me and the way I play during high school season.