Jasper: Profile in Kindness at NMS


Maddie Yost

Jasper is our profile In kindness! Photo Courtesy: Maddie Yost

Maddie Yost, Staff Writer

We thought we’d pick Jasper Ries as a “Profile in Kindness.” When we think of a student who is just all around a great young man, well Jasper just comes to mind!


Name: Jasper Ries

Grade: 8th

Age: 14

Favorite restaurant: McDonald’s 

Favorite food: Tacos

Favorite color: Black

Favorite subject: ELA

Favorite teacher: Ms. Partridge 

Favorite movie: Whiplash

Favorite hobby: Video games

How are you a role model to other kids: I’m not sure why I’m considered a role model but I think the reason everyone considers me one is because I do what I need to and I get things done that need to be done. 

What does kindness mean to you:  Being generous, tolerant, and accepting.