YSU English Festival


Top Row L to R: A. Campbell, R. Kelly, K. Stanford, A. Jones, K. Zook, J. Poling Bottom Row L to R: Ms. Ledsome, S. Ferguson, R. DeCost, D. Stephenson, A. Martin, K. Cox, S. Marotti, J. Ries, Mrs. Ciminero Photo courtesy of Dr. Marsh

Addison Martin, Staff Writer

We have our books and schedules in our hands and we’re ready to go to YSU! This year Youngstown State held their annual English Festival on campus! Schools from all around Trumbull County joined together to share their love of books with each other. Students spent their whole day competing in competitions, meeting authors, eating, and socializing. Some of the competitions they competed in were writing games and workshops some of which are prose, poetry, and limerick. The authors that were there this year were Chris Crutcher, Rita Williams-Garcia, and Eliot Schrefer. Once it was time for their lunch break they chose from a variety of fast food such as, Jamba Juice, Dunkin’ Donuts, Chick-Fil-A, and Wendys. We had four lucky winners from our school this year that did wonderful in their competitions! Our winners were Randy DeCost, Addison Martin, Addison Campbell, and Jazlynn Poling. Randy DeCost got third place in “Not So Trivial Pursuit” where he was asked random questions about the books and had to answer them with his team. Addison Martin and her team got third place in “I Love Limericks” along with an Honorable Mention in impromptu writing. Addison Campbell won first place along with her team in writing games where they had to create a game based on four characters from the books. Last but not least, Jazlynn Poling won third place in the journalism contest, in which she got to interview one of the authors and ask them questions about their books.

English Festival Winners
L to R: R. DeCost, A. Martin,
A. Campbell, J. Poling
Photo courtesy of Grace Guarnieri