It’s Baby Picture Time!

Mrs. Ciminero

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Eighth Graders,

We need your baby picture for the yearbook. Here’s how to get them to us:

1. You can take a picture of it, but no flash. Remember, quality is diminished when you take it this way.

2. We would prefer a hard copy, and YES– YOU will get it back. Please put it in a baggy and have your name on the back.

3. You can email it to us: [email protected], [email protected]

4. If you send it to [email protected] it has to be from your school email or we will never get it.

5. Ages: Newborn-Four or so. We want to see that it “could” be you.

6. Please make sure it’s a picture full-on of your face. When we crop or it’s a side view, it makes it hard to have the photo at its best quality.