7th Grade Basketball Cheer Spotlight


Photo courtesy of Sophia Guerra.

Cecelia Gatta and Sophia Guerra

Name: Reagan Fellows

Birthday: February 16th, 2010

Age: 12

What’s your favorite cheer: Clap it Out

What’s your favorite jump: Side Hurdler

Favorite Store: Target

Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Broennle

Favorite Hobby: Playing Volleyball

Favorite Candy: Twix

Favorite TV Show: Ginny and Georgia

Favorite Restaurant: Red Lobster

Any advice for girls wanting to tryout for cheer: Practice and work hard.

Any extra curricular activities: Playing with my pets and younger brother.

Some goals you have: Work on my cheer jumps and get better at them.

What inspired you to try out for cheer: I love to do gymnastics and dance; I’ve wanted to do cheer ever since my sister was in high school and I saw the cheerleaders.