“Good Morning NMS!”


Ready to start off our day with a smile. Photo Credits: Taylor Bickerstaaff

Taylor Bickerstaff, Staff Writer

Good morning Niles Middle School! It’s the one and only Kamron Stevens speaking to start your day off fabulously.  The NMS Journalism girls handed over the microphone because they wanted to get students involved more with the school. Kam was the perfect person for the job. Keep up the good work. We love your enthusiasm.


Birthday: December 29, 2008


Favorite food: Pasta or Pizza


Favorite movie: Mean Girls


Favorite store: Target 


Favorite hobby: Hanging out with friends and my cousin Aubrey


Favorite subject: English Language Arts


Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Ciminero


Favorite Song: Pink Venom- Blackpink


Favorite group/ Singer: Blackpink 


What is your favorite thing about doing the announcements: My favorite thing is that I get to spread information around the school with my announcements and even positivity. 


What inspired you to want to do the announcements:  When I was in 5th grade, I did the morning announcements too. I loved doing it because it helped me work on speaking to my peers. 


Are you going to change anything or add anything new to the announcements? Yes, there are many things that I want to add to the announcements. I could do a quote of the day to help people stay motivated and positive in the mornings. I could announce if there are any events or clubs going on that day. I could also give shout outs to staff and faculty for their hard work.