7th Grade Volleyball Spotlight


Photo courtesy of Tori Lanam.

Addison Martin and Tori Lanam

Name: Guiliana Huddleston


Grade: Seventh


Birthday: April 7th, 2010


Position you play: Full rotation/ Serving


What inspired you to play volleyball: I just thought it would be interesting.


Inspirational athlete: Serena Williams


Favorite part about being on the volleyball team: Making new friends and forming friendships.


Favorite food: Steak with hot sauce and Mac’ and cheese


Favorite restaurant: Buffalo Wild Wings, O´Charley ´s, and Applebees


Favorite sports brands: Nike, Adidas


Favorite subject: Math


Favorite teacher: I love them all but Mrs. Partridge is my favorite.


Favorite movie: Fast and Furious Saga and Twilight Saga.

Favorite song to pump you up: Any hip hop song.