8th Grade Cheer Spotlight


Photo courtesy Sophia Guerra.

Cecelia Gatta, Staff writer

Name: Madison Nickels

Birthday: July 22, 2009 

Grade: 8th 

Age: 13

Why did you want to join cheer?: I wanted to join cheer to build friendships and help show Dragon pride.

What’s your favorite cheer?: The Dragons are back, ready to attack; Drive pass block score Dragons, Dragons we want more,

What’s your favorite jump : Side hurdler

Who’s your favorite teacher: Mrs. Partridge 

Favorite Store : Ulta, American Eagle, and Target

Favorite Food: Mozzarella sticks

Favorite Movie: Tangled

Any extra curricular activities: I also do competitive dance and track

Your favorite pump up song: “Super Gremlin” by Kodak Black or any Megan Thee Stallion song

Favorite Hobby: Gymnastics or tumbling

What are some goals you have: Some goals I have are to try to get a scholarship in track for the college I choose to go to. I also want to be a successful competitive dancer or gymnast.

Favorite Candy: Reese’s or M&M’s

Favorite TV Show: TVD and Never Have I Ever