7th Grade Cheer Spotlight


Photo courtesy Sophia Guerra.

Sophia Guerra, Staff writer

Birthday: December 18 ,2009

Grade: 7th

Age: 12

Why did you want to join cheer: I liked it when I was in LRD so when I found out I could cheer I was very excited .

What´s your favorite cheer: Our team is strong, number one is where we belong.

What’s your favorite jump: Toe touch.

Who’s your favorite teacher: Mrs Parry´s world history 

Favorite store: Target

Favorite food: KFC mac n cheese 

Favorite movie: The Bee Movie 

Any extra curricular activities: Soccer 

Favorite hobby: Soccer 

What are some goals you have: To get all A´s 

Favorite candy: Laffy Taffy

Favorite tv show: Supernatural on Netflix