YSU English Festival!!


Photo courtesy of Mrs. Ciminero.

Addison Martin, Staff Writer

All of my preparation had come to fruition. The English Festival at YSU was going LIVE AND IN PERSON after two years. I was so excited to take this field trip with my friends and compete against other schools!  My schedule for the day consisted of: writing games, writing an essay on the unlikable characters in the books we read, meeting the authors, and going to the planetarium. My favorite thing there was going to the planetarium because I got to see different versions of the night sky and the stars in different places like the city and the country. The reason there was a planetarium in the English Festival was because of the book “The Year We Fell From Space” we took a look at the constellations that were stated in the book. I enjoyed going there because I got to walk around campus and go to the places on my schedule by myself. At the end of the day we were waiting for the bus and found out it was LATE! Even though I loved college life for a day, I wanted to be home. This was a fun-filled day, and I needed rest! LOL.  We were the last school to be picked up from the English Festival. Eventually the bus came and I went home knowing that I would remember this day forever!