7th Grade Track Spotlight


Photo courtesy Tori Lanam.

Tori Lanam, Staff writer

Name: Jacqie Miller

Grade: 7th Grade

Age: 13

Birthday: October 1st, 2008

Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Menelle

Favorite Subject: Math/Science

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Restaurant: Perkins

Favorite Food: Salad

Favorite Candy: Reese’s Cups

Favorite Movie: The Conjuring 2

Events you do in track: 400m and 800m

Favorite event: 400m

Do you play other sports? If so what sports: Soccer

Do you do sprints or long distance?: Long Distance

What is your fastest time: 400m 1:30/ 800m 4:01

What inspires you to work hard?: My friends

What started your interests in track: I wanted to play a new sport and I enjoy running.