The February Student Of The Month


Photo courtesy of Mrs. Muccio.

Victoria Lanam, Staff Writer

Name: Natallia Crank
Grade: 8th Grade
Age: 14
Birthday: September 14th, 2007
Favorite Teacher: Mr. Myers
Favorite Subject: Science
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Restaurant: Steak and Shake
Favorite Food: Cheese Fries
Favorite Candy: Mike and Ike
Favorite Movie: Hairspray
Career Plans: I wanna be a general surgeon
Advice as to why being selected by a teacher is important: It shows a student that teachers actually care for them.
What inspires you to work hard?: The success afterwords

Why Mrs. Muccio picked Natallia: I picked Natallia Crank for my student of the month. Natallia was in my class at the beginning of the year but due to a schedule change was moved out of my 1st period class. Natallia helped me every day take attendance and pass out papers for the first 9 weeks- two morning routines I am just not good at! Natallia still comes to my room at the very beginning to help me with those daily tasks. Every day she walks in my room with a very chipper “Good Morning” and always leaves with a “Have a nice day.” Natallia’s positive attitude, great attendance and reliability make her a perfect teacher helper.

Thank you for all of your help Natallia!! It is greatly appreciated!