Katie Zook The Bowling Champ!


Photo courtesy Katie Zook.

Alaina Haroulakis, Staff Writer

Have to ever heard of a professional bowler? How about a female bowler? Or even a middle school bowler? Well Katie Zook is exactly that! Katie Zook is in seventh grade and she has been bowling for nine years. Katie said that she got inspired to start bowling because her older brother was on the Niles bowling team and her parents were the bowling coaches. We had interviewed Katie to ask her about bowling and school. Here were her responses.


How did you grow to like bowling?

It feels like my safe place and I can relax while doing a sport that I love. 


Where do you practice?

We practice at McKinley Lanes Bowling Center.


Is there a pro bowler you look up to?

I look up to Jillian Martin. She has been a huge inspiration to me.


What questions do you get about bowling?

I get asked if its a hard sport and it is. It is all about game.


Have you ever been judged?

Yes I have. That’s one of the reasons that I stay so committed to bowling. I want to prove people wrong. 


Why do you stay so committed?

I want to be on the all Women USBC when I am older.


Any tricks for bowling?

Keeping a good mental state and don’t give up.


Have you ever tried to practice at home?

Yes, all the time. We have hand and feet drills to work on that help a lot with bowling techniques. 


Any specific balls?

I have a specific bowling ball for my hand shape and how the ball would react in the lane.


How often do you practice?

I am on a year around team so I practice all the time.


What would you say to other kids, specifically girls that would like to get into bowling?

Don’t let the mental game get ahead of you. One day could be normal, the next could be challenging. Just don’t give up. 


What is your bowling average?

My Bowling average is 150-200 points per game.


Do you get injuries in bowling?

The only injuries I have gotten in bowling are cuts on my fingers and twisted ankles and feet.


Photo courtesy Katie Zook.


Favorite subject in school?

My favorite subject in school is math. Math just comes really easy to me. 


What gets you up and moving everyday even on your hardest days?

My parents motivate me everyday to be the best version of myself.


Any other activities?

Web, Cheer, Dance and Twirling 


What do you do in your free time?

I like to hang out with my friends or practice sports or dance.


Any weird talents or hobbies?

I am double jointed in most places people aren’t. Sometimes it affects how I bowl. 


How would you describe yourself?

I would describe myself as energetic, caring, and helpful.