Student of the Month Spotlight


Tori Lanam, Staff writer

Lets get to know Ella Richardson. She was Picked by Mrs. Keatley to be student of the month. Congratulations on being our first pick.

Full Name: Ella Richardson
Birthday: July 1,2010
Grade: 6th grade
Favorite food: Salad
Hobby: writing, art, and golf
Favorite restaurant: Outback
Favorite song: “Mans World” by MARINA
Do you play sports? If so what sport: Golf
Favorite store at the mall: Old Navy
Favorite movie or TV show: The Baby Sitters Club (2021)
Favorite subject: English
Favorite Teacher: Ms.Keatley
What inspires you to do good in school: Getting good grades is what inspires me to do good in school.
Any advice for the others being student of the month?: The advice I would give is to try and get good grades and to not get in trouble.
What are your career plans?: My career plans are to be a journalist or an artist.
Successful study habits: Successful study habits are to write the notes multiple times or to study with family.

Photo credit: (Addison Martin )