Another new Iphone!

Here we go again! Apple has released another Iphone! Now I’m going to want it! Apple released the new Iphone 13 on September 24th. The new Iphone has more features than ever before. But the question is… are the features better? The new iphone is very similar to the iphone 12. The major difference is the camera. The Iphone 13 has 3 new cameras that each have their own features. The iphone 13 camera  features are ultra wide and wide. And the phone 13 pro features are wide, ultra wide, and telephone.The new cameras help make the pictures more clear and vibrant.

The camera also captures 47% more light to create better and more professional pictures.There is also a new camera feature called cinematic mode. Cinematic mode keeps a focus on the person you are recording. It will blur the background so that it only focuses on you. That would be great for sports!

The new Iphone has a 5G network so it’s also faster than ever! The 5G network is the fifth generation of technology. The Iphone 13 also has a 19 hour battery life. Nineteen  hours might not seem like a huge improvement but the iphone 12 only has a 17 hour battery life. The iphone 13 pro has 28 hours of battery life!

The Iphone 13 comes with 5 new color options, blue, starlight, pink, midnight, and red.The retail price for the Iphone 13 is $799.99. But when the Iphone 13 came out, Apple had a deal that if you turned in your phone, you could get the iphone 13 for a smaller fee. Mrs. Ciminero told me they would give her $1,000 for her iphone 11 pro-max. That is worth the price switch for sure! It would cost way less than spending all the money on a new phone. That deal had persuaded lots of people into getting the new phone!

The differences in the Iphone camera qualities. (Photo Credits Mrs. Ciminero)

And speaking of the iphone.. Should you do the IOS 15 update? Apple has come out with a brand new update that will make your phone all the more better. The iphone 13 comes set with the IOS 15 update. For the people who like memojis, you have the ability now to change their outfits! They also have new poses and accessories to choose from to make your memoji look just like you! If someone sends multiple pictures to you, the pictures become a collage and then it’s just like a slideshow that you can slide through. Another fun feature is that you can change where the search bar is located on safari. You can keep it at the top of the screen or you can move it to the bottom.

When you have focus mode on, it blocks out any notifications you might get. It would let the person know what you are doing. Like for example if you were driving, it would let the person know that you are driving. You can stay in a face time call while you are watching a show, playing music, and you can share your screen with the people you are talking to. In case you like looking at Google Maps, you can look at the map in 3D form now.

Apple is going to continue to work hard to make a better phone for everyday life. The iphone 13 is a great example on how far iphone and phones in general have come in the past few years. Apple makes customers want to get the new phones and come back for more products!