Dunkin vs Starbucks


Dunkin Donuts vs. Starbucks coffee!! (Photo Credits to Maddie Yost)

Madelyn Yost, Staff writer

Hey you coffee drinkers!!! What’s your preference: Dunkin or Starbucks? In my opinion, I prefer Starbucks! I can’t live without it! I think Starbucks is better; I love their drinks. They have coffee, refreshers, frappuccinos, breakfast, and lunch items. My favorite refresher to get is the pink drink. I feel so trendy when I’m walking around holding it. My favorite frappuccino is a vanilla bean frappe with chocolate chips in it. I don’t care about the calories; all I care about is how it tastes! In my opinion, I think the drinks at Starbucks are more expensive than the drinks at Dunkin. However, they are better in quality and they have a larger selection. I never know what to get because they have so many items!
Dunkin’s drinks in my opinion seem inconsistent. You never know what you’re going to get. You can’t even rely on their food! For example, one time I ordered their avocado toast and it seemed like they just smashed avocado in between two pieces of bread. It was even a little sour! I asked for bacon and there wasn’t any bacon or seasoning on it. Certain food they make is just not good. Some days it could be really tasty, and some days it will be just awful. I don’t know about you Dunkin lovers, but I’m sticking with Starbucks!
Starbucks also out competes Dunkin because they bring out the holiday spirit more. They have more holiday drinks and holiday pastries. And who doesn’t love the holiday spirit? I definitely do! During the holidays there is a free christmas cup you can get! Mrs. DiMaiolo always asks Mrs. Ciminero to get her free Christmas cup every year on her stop every morning. Mrs. Ciminero says, “They all know me at Starbucks and sometimes they will give me two free cups. Get ready Mrs. DiMailolo–I gotcha covered!”
Starbucks also has a lot more drinks for all ages. They don’t just have coffee, but they have other sugary drinks and food like cake pops and refreshers for kids. Sugar is just what kids need! I know you adults don’t want to hear that! For example, they have a drink called the Dragon Drink. This actually has pieces of dragon fruit in it. One food item I like is the birthday cake pop. Even though it’s about 1,000 calories, it doesn’t feel like you’re eating a huge piece of cake because it’s so small. They are delicious! Dunkin has a lot of drinks for teens too, but most of their drinks just surround coffee.
I’m not one who drinks hot coffee but I’ll try it this winter. I’ll picture myself in my fabulous winter clothing, under a Christmas tree, holding my amazing peppermint mocha coffee. You know the root word of Starbucks is “star.” Maybe that’s what I’m going to be! So now you know what I like! Which one do you like?

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