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Alysse D'Errico, Staff Writer

No matter your age, gender, or interests, we all can enjoy playing on our consoles and games. Even though I’m a girl, I still love playing video games and know my stuff! They have become a staple in our home  and life today. But which console do you prefer?


It’s pretty obvious that when you first see their controllers , they are significantly different. The shape of the Xbox controller is so much more bulky and bigger in your hand. PlayStation controllers are less bulky, and shaped a little differently; the handle parts are smaller and rounded. Not only is the size and shape different, but the buttons and controls are too! On Xbox, the buttons on the right side of the controller are the letters Y, B, A, and X. On PlayStation, the buttons have a square, triangle, an ‘x’, and a circle people usually just call “o”.   Another difference in the controls are the joysticks. The right Xbox controller joystick is in the same place as PlayStation’s, but the left joystick and the cross shaped button swap places. Like I said, the cross button and left joystick swap; Playstation’s joysticks are right next to each other and the cross button is in the top left. That would be super confusing and hard to get used to if you switch consoles! Adding onto the buttons, there are also ‘home’ buttons on both controllers only  in different places. Xbox has their logo in the middle on the top by their LB, LT, RB, and RT bumper buttons. Those buttons are on the back of the controller that usually control aim and trigger. The ‘L’ and ‘R’ just mean right and left; two right buttons on the right side, then the two left buttons on the left side. Just like Xbox, Playstations have a home button, but instead their logo is on the bottom half of the controller. Playstation’s bumper buttons look and do the same thing except there are numbers at the end such as L1, L2, R1, and R2. So many buttons, ahhh!!

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Even with all of those differences, there are so many similarities! Their shape and design are relatively the same; maybe a few logo changes or a cool pattern on a side are the only unlike features. Of course, the features depend on what generation or version of console you get. They both have the majority of the same games, but some games are exclusive to the specific console you buy. If you were to go into a local Gamestop and look at all the games, you would see a wall for Playstation games and another wall for Xbox games. If the games are the same, then why are they separated? That’s only because you have a certain console. The games are the exact same, just a specific disk that fits your console. Be careful not to buy an Xbox game for your Playstation! Another similarity is that both consoles can have a mic to use ( most are bought separately). You can connect the mic with a plug into your controller, or if you have the PS5 the mic is already built in! That was probably the most useful feature of the newest version on the PlayStation in my opinion. Not only can you play games, but you can also watch videos, movies, and listen to music! They are around the same price too- that is if there aren’t any special sales on the item.  You can live stream, host mic parties with friends with the same console brand, and so much more. They both are compatible with hard discs and USB drives too!

Out of all the tension and arguments between the two brands, I still choose PlayStation over Xbox any day! My first ever console was an Atari- believe it or not! Then, my brother and I  got a PlayStation 4 Pro for Christmas in 2019. When Covid hit, my dad had gotten another one for my room so that my brother and I could play at the same time since that was one of the only activities with friends during quarantine. Gavin and I would fight over it, and I would somehow get it every time! All of my friends have an Xbox which can be a struggle sometimes, but thanks to crossplay that doesn’t matter with some games. All of my brother’s friends have PlayStation. It is so much easier to join a mic party and game invites with the same console. I feel the overall setup of the PlayStation is more organized. I am just so used to the PlayStation I use that when I try playing on an Xbox I usually just give up and go back to my own. A few of my favorite games are Call of Duty (COD) Infinite and Modern Warfare, Minecraft, Rocket League, Mortal Kombat, and Madden 21. I used to really love Fortnite, but I don’t play that much anymore because of its lack of popularity nowadays. You know my favorite console, but what’s yours?

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